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During Voting Period, you can get various numbers of votes based on your level. You can cast 5 votes maximum each day, votes will be reset in the small hours.
Help Center
Account registration
1. Can't receive the verification code message on phone?
According to telecom security requirements, the same mobile phone number can receive up to 1 SMS per minute, up to 5 per hour, up to 10 per day, and the excess will be blocked.。
2. What should I do if I forgot my password?
Go to the Sign In page and click "Forgot your password?". Then please enter your mobile number and email address. You can reset your password after the verification.
3. Can I change the registered mobile number?
Yes, please go to "Security Center" to edit and re-verify your mobile number.
4. Can I modify my name after the Real-name Verification?
Real-name Verification is an important piece of information that is used in the user account. Once verified, it may not be canceled or modified at will. If you have to modify it, you can contact customer service and provide relevant documents to modify.
User Information
1. Can I customize my homepage's background?
Yes, you can click "Decorate Homepage" on the upper left corner of the User Information page to setup the background.
2. Can I customize the address to my homepage?
Yes, you can click on your profile picture in User Information page to access the customization of your homepage address.
3. What should I input for Company/Studio when I am a freelancer?
You should input such as Freelance Artist, Freelance Modeler, or according to your actual situation.
4. Can I hide my personal information?
Yes, you can choose between Public and Private in the User Information page.
5. How to obtain Badges?
Currently, we only provide level badges and award badges. Award Badges can only be obtained through receiving awards.
Signing up for the Contest
1. How to register for the contest?
After you register your account for GGAC, please click Register Now. Then you just need to complete filling up the information and you are all set.
2. What's the difference between Student Group and Professional group?
1)Student Group is only for the students who are currently enrolled in schools. Including full-time college students, undergraduate students, and graduate students.
2)Student Group can choose between 2D art and 3D modeling types without any subcategories.
3)Professional Group needs to choose from subcategories to create their artwork and enter the contest. Such as 2D Character Design.
4)After you have registered your GGAC account, you can click "Register Now" to enter the contest by filling up the information.
3. Can I enter the professional group even when I am currently a student?
Yes, you can compete in the professional group as a student and receive professional group's awards and cash prizes.
4. I am a recent graduate of this year. Can I register for the Student Group
Yes, you can participate the Student Group (Reminder: To complete your legibility review, please take photos of your student ID ahead of time in case of returning it to the school after graduation.
5、How does GGAC make sure that the participants are in the correct group?
In order to ensure the fairness of the contest, after the selection of finalists, GGAC will review the participants' personal information and source documents to ensure that their groups are correct and their works are original.
6、Can we participate as a team and create works as a team?
No, GGAC this year is set up only for individual participants. If we plan to hold a contest for the teams in the future, we will announce separately. But currently, GGAC only accepts individual participants.
7、After my registration is approved, I realized that my information contains errors. Am I able to modify it?
Changes can be made, but once the registration information is modified, you will need to go through the process of the account verification/review once again, and the work you have already uploaded will be removed. Please be cautious.
8. Can I sign up for 2D and 3D groups at the same time?
Yes, if you are capable. You can choose to sign up for the 2D and 3D groups together, but only one can be delivered under each category.
9. Can I sign up for 2D or 3D subcategories at the same time?
Yes, you can. You can choose to sign up for the 2D or 3D subcategories all together, but only one work can be submitted under each subcategory. For the participants in the multi-category contest, we would like to see you create works as an extension or a series based on one certain category of work.
10. How many phases are there in this contest?
The competition will be divided into four stages: Audition & Advance, Finalists Selection, Finalists Announcement and Nomination.
11. What dose Audition & Advance mean? What decides the advance of the entries?
1) Audition & Advance is from Jun 2019 to Oct 2019. There will be 5 chances to advance on Jun 15th, Jul 15th, Aug 15th, Sep 15th, Oct 15th respectively. The Heat Value of each entry will be the factor of the advancing.
2) During Audition & Advance phase, each time will advance the top 40% of the entries according to their Heat Values.
3) During this phase, the submission time will affect the entry's Heat Value. When the work is advanced in the current month, its Heat Value will be preserved and roll over to the next month's 15th.
4) During this phase, the expert group and judges of GGAC can advance the entry with one single vote. They will advance the outstanding entries from time to time.
12、What dose Finalist Selection mean? What decides the Finalists?
1)“During Finalist Selection phase, expert team and judges will make selection in the advanced entried from the previous phase.
2) During this phase, there is no specific proportion for the selection. That says any outstanding entries can be selected.
13. What does Finalists Announement mean?
During the Finalists Announcement phase, Judges will announce the finalists from the advanced entries on the GGAC website.
14. What does Nomination mean?
During the Nomination phase, the judges will nominate the entries for the final awards selection if there is no objection after the finalist was an announcement.
Art Piece
1. Do the art pieces that I created need to be original?
Your entry must be original and it is strictly forbidden to include political, vulgar, pornographic contents, etc., and must not violate relevant laws and regulations. It is also strictly forbidden to copy or misappropriate other people's works, and the copyrights must not be transferred to others, not commercialized, or authorized to use by others during the contest.
2. Is there an limitation for canvas size?
The length or width of the canvas of the work should not be less than 2480px. The resolution is 300dpi. Horizontal or vertical composition of the work is determined by the artist without any restrictions (For example, the width of a horizontal composited environmental art should be no less than 2480px, the height of a vertical composited character art should be no less than 2480px).
3. What are the facters of the Heat Value?
he Heat Value is decided comprehensively by the value of time, reviews, comments, thumbsups, and votes.
4. What does Work in Progress (WIP) mean?
WIP includes but not limited to
1)Concepts: this can be your original design or ideation as a draft, reference image, or any other forms of images or photos.
2)Progression: this can be the creative process of each stage, such as color rough, high-rez model. It needs to represent your idea of design.
5. Do I have to do Stage Submission for my WIP?
You don't have to, but GGAC encourage the participants to upload WIP
6. What are the benefits for the Stage Submission?
The Stage Submission can receive the comments, views, and thumbsup to increase its Heat Value. These will benefit your art piece during the Audition & Advance phase for the Heat Value calculation.
7. Can I modify the submitted and published art pieces?
In order to ensure the fairness of the contest
1) Stage Submissions can be modified
2)If the complete entry that was submitted and approved has been modified, the work will be re-reviewed and the Heat Value and advance status will be reset. (The Heat Value retained during the Stage Submission will not be reset) Please be cautious.
8. Do I have to include GGAC's logo in my art work?
Yes. You must include GGAC's logo. We would like to see you utilize this element to be clearly presented in any place or any form in the art piece.
9. Can I use the published works to enter the contest?
No allowed, works must be newly created for the theme of GGAC.


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